After losing all his life savings to a failed business in 2019, this internet marketer went on to make over 150M Naira in 48 months and has decided to show you:

How He And His Students Have Been

Dominating The Nigerian Internet Marketing Space Making

N400,000, N500,000, A Million Naira, And More Monthly Using AMAP.

Also buried inside this letter is how you can start using this formula no matter what stage you’re at right now.

I couldn’t believe my ears when I got the call from my accountant.

I knew I was supposed to be a man but I couldn’t help but cry.


A business I started with my school fees and my life saving went bankrupt?

It can’t be especially when you consider that I had to do menial jobs before I got my life savings. 

No rich parents or even rich aunty or uncle.

My parents struggled before giving me this school fee.

And now what?

The only startup I had my mind and soul on just declared bankruptcy due to losses.

I cried so much and I didn’t know what to do.

I thought I was never going to amount to anything because even before this business failed,

I heard a lot of my friends talk about earning money online.

I heard them say they only have to post on Facebook and just earn money monthly. 

They were making N20,000, N50,000, and even more monthly then. 

And to make sure I was not left out, 

I joined NNU with the N2000 Naira investment that’s required to join. 

I started commenting and even posting my NNU links everywhere.

And after the first month, I got paid N15,000

I couldn’t believe my eyes because to me then, the N15,000 was like 1 Million Naira. 

I started telling more and more people about this NNU and how they can register.

People registered but when it was time to take my earnings for the second month.

Alas, it crashed.

That was the first time I heard about the Ponzi scheme.

I was so pained and I was so skeptical about online marketing.

Infact, if you talk about online business beside me, I can stop being your friend because of the Ponzi experience I had.

That was why I went into menial jobs to raise a certain amount of money to start an edtech business. 

And that also went bankrupt after some losses due to a lack of the knowledge required to run a startup.


 And that brought me back to square one. 

My school fees and my life savings were gone. 

I couldn’t tell them at home because they struggled a lot before giving me such an amount of money for the school fees.


I was depressed and I couldn’t even think of anything. 

I never thought I will be out of the depressed state until I stumbled on a tweet that introduced me to a business model in 2020.


I didn’t pay attention to the tweet because I was thinking it was the same Ponzi scheme that crumbled in 2019. 

But I saw the tweet later and I decided to learn more about this business model on Google.


I did my research on Google and I saw some nice things about the business model

I saw that it is not a Ponzi scheme and all I had to do is work hard to I will make money. 

I wasn’t totally convinced because of my past experiences but I decided to register with half faith.

And 48 months down the lane, I have caught the fancy of top internet marketers in Nigeria like:

Toyin Omotosho, the founder of Expertnaire which is the number 1 affiliate platform in Nigeria has this to say about me:

“Do you want to make between N50,000 to 1M Naira monthly? Talk to Caleb.”

Tamilore Adewuyi, one of the youngest internet marketing millionaires also has this to say about me:

Akinlami Praise, one of the top CPA affiliate marketers in Nigeria also has this to say about me

I have also gone ahead to use this business model to travel to places like:




And this same business model has gotten me a Toyota Camry for FREE

Also, AMAP is built on this business model and I will show you what it is and how to join in a moment.

But you need to understand that this business model didn’t only help me make a lot of money and go to various countries.


It has also allowed me to help other people get into this business model and they have gone to achieve different things just like I would be showing you too soon.

An example is Ruth, a medical student who came to me without a direction and I introduced her to this same business model I want to show you, she has this to say:

“Within 10 months, I have over 20 million Naira in pure profits. Caleb, your student is doing well o.”
Ruth Ozioma

And she’s not the only one, here’s Adedayo who was in debt when he came to meet me,

I introduced him to this same business model and he has this to say:

"6.2 Million Naira earned while babysitting, It was just like yesterday when I took out a loan to start this business model. Thank you Caleb for your mentoring.”

And that’s not all, here’s also Mary who came to me after wandering in the online space,

I showed her this same business model I want to show you and she has this to say after 6 months:

“Look who just made 5 Million Naira, to think I started this business with no direction and now, I’m making millions. Thanks to my coach Caleb.”
Mary Joan

And many more of them that I won’t show here to avoid wasting your time.

While I would love to tell you how you can also start this business model, how to also join this AMAP community and start making money like those folks above.

Let’s do some introduction about who I’m yeah?


My name is Nwaneka Caleb.

I’m a 24-year-old internet marketer that has made over 150M Naira in 48 months. But it wasn’t always like this for me.

Just like you have seen above, I have been through a lot of struggles, and this business model I want to introduce to you changed my life.


So if you’re in the same position presently or you are just looking for something to do online that will make you a lot of money in the shortest time possible. 

This business model is for you.

 What’s this business model?


This business model is called affiliate marketing. I know you have heard about it.

Maybe you were even part of the people who called it a scam and won’t ever be an affiliate marketer. It’s fine and I understand.

But here’s something you’re missing out. 

Affiliate marketing is not a bring one person before you earn kinda thing. Nah Nah.


A lot of folks that are spoiling the industry portray it as that but that’s not what it is.

But here’s what affiliate marketing is:

Have you ever tried a product and it worked so well that you want to tell the world about it?

Maybe you visited a restaurant and the food there is so nice that you can’t wait to tell your friends and families how good the food is and they should try it.


You will then go on to tell your friends and families about the product. 

You even tell them to buy and keep it because that product is that good. 

And what if I tell you that what you just did is affiliate marketing, will you believe me?

That’s affiliate marketing and what we also do. 

The only difference is that you’re not paid for the people you referred to the product but you will be paid for doing the same thing in affiliate marketing. 

Still with me yeah? Good.

And here’s also where we took it up the notch.

Instead of telling only our family and friends, we go ahead and tell outsiders and strangers about the beauty of this product.

We tell them to get it for themselves, which will benefit them.


Because we’re paid for it. And in summary, affiliate marketing is:

We find a beneficial product (keyword is beneficial) We find out that a lot of people have used it and it’s beneficial.

Then we recommend it to people to benefit from the product.

If they buy, then we get paid something called commission.

You understand that yeah?


Why a beneficial product? 

You see, you should never recommend a product that’s not beneficial to people because people only buy what they want.

And what they want is something that must be beneficial to them. 

Do you get that part too? 

Now, as simple as this sounds… 

It’s not that simple.

As a newbie, I faced a lot of problems when I started like:

And many more questions flying around. 

I know how hard it is to figure it out by yourself.

I figured it out and tried a lot by myself.

And many more questions flying around. I know how hard it is to figure it out by yourself.

I figured it out and tried a lot by myself.

No mentor

No guidance


Just me doing trial and error. But slowly, I figured it out by myself.

I wasted a lot of money and time in the process of figuring it out. 

But I was glad I figured it out and I used the knowledge I got from figuring it out to make a lot of money for myself.


This discovery is what I gathered together, modified, redefined and I called it the AMAP.

The AMAP is an acronym for Affiliate Marketing Accelerator Program. 

This program is everything I have learned doing affiliate marketing for over 48 months.


This AMAP is a program that needs progressive learning.


And this is because I didn’t learn the whole program in a day. 

I learned it over a period of 48 months through trials and errors. 

And you need progressive lessons to also learn it perfectly.

And this is why I created the AMAP community.

This is a community created solely for affiliate marketers so they can all avoid what I have faced in the past.

The students in the AMAP community are making money just from the guidance I’m providing for them.

An example is Marcel who has gone on to make 30 sales through the coaching of the AMAP community.:

Here’s also Isaac who sold the second highest priced product after implementing everything I taught in the AMAP community.

Here’s also Isaac who sold the second highest priced product after implementing everything I taught in the AMAP community.


And they have gone on to use this weekly meeting to achieve quite a lot of things just like :

Jeremiah who bought Macbook based on my teachings in AMAP

With this exclusive information and many more benefits I’m not revealing here on this page, this community is worth over N100,000 monthly.

But like I said earlier, there’s a backdoor way you can follow to get into this AMAP community for free today.

This backdoor access is limited to a few sets of people.

Infact, this AMAP community is just one of the bonuses you will get if you go through this backdoor access.

And what’s the backdoor access?




This is the backdoor access to getting into the AMAP community and also getting the remaining bonuses on this page.

And that’s not all…

This AMAP course is a course that broke down affiliate marketing as a whole and how you can move from “I haven’t made any sales” to “I have made over N100,000 this week.”

Just like Abdulsemiu said below,

The AMAP course is a course I created to help:

Yes, the organic way.

I have done it and my students are doing it too.

They are not spending a dime, they just have to follow everything I have for them in the AMAP course and they’re making their sales and you can do it too.

In a moment, I will tell you more about the AMAP course, what it entails and how you can get your hand on it asap.

But let’s go over something together first.

This AMAP course is not a magic bullet.

Heck, it requires work from anybody that gets hold of it But one thing that makes it different is the way it works.

  • You don’t need to have a lot of capital for das.
  • You don’t need to have any knowledge of marketing.
  • You don’t need to create any product or keep inventories of stocks.

Heck, all you unjust need to do is sit down and learn everything in it.

Implement them the right way and it will change your money-making game.

At least, Abosede said it’s another source of income for her and it can be for you too.

So I am certain if you are ready to implement everything I will be showing you in the AMAP course

You will easily:

  • Start enjoying the Freedom of running a profitable business model 
  • Be able to have real money, and enjoy the good life that you deserve 
  • Be able to create a sustainable business that will feed your family and children [if you have any]
  • Buy that car or that phone that your friend had that you always envied him for 
  • Start to avoid using slang related to brokenness like SAPA, SAPADEMIC, etc…..
  • And should in case you have it in mind to leave this country, you will be able to do that easily.


But the main point is that it’s not a magic bullet. 

You need to put your head down to learn and put in the work.


So if you think that’s too hard for you to do, you can just peacefully and quietly leave this page.



Because what you want isn’t here on this page.


And if you read this line, I will assume you are ready to put in the work and change your affiliate marketing and money-making game.


So If you are:


  • A School student 
  • A working-class person 
  • A graduate with no job 
  • A frustrated affiliate marketer
  • An affiliate marketer that wants to do more sales and make more money
  • Or you are just someone that just wants to get started doing something 

The AMAP course is the right one for you to start making a lot of money selling other people’s products.

I am certain it will work for you because it worked for me and others I have been showing it to.

And this is also the reason why I can boldly write this letter to you today.

I have walked the walk and do the do.

I know what works and what doesn’t work when it comes to affiliate marketing.

And you don’t even have to listen to whatever I say.

At least, I won’t speak badly about myself.

Listen to some people that I have been able to impact with these lessons and strategies.


All that established, what exactly does the AMAP contain?

Here’s a snippet of what you will see in the AMAP course:


This is the foundation for you if you want to make the amount of money you hear people making in affiliate marketing…

Even if you are not a newbie, you have to watch this module over and over again

It fixes your mindset and prepares you for the millions of Naira you are going to make doing affiliate marketing.

In this module, I expose some secrets to you like:

  • How To Train Your Mindset For Millions

If your mindset is set for thousands, you won’t make millions.

So that’s why this module is really important for you to take seriously.

And you will discover how you should position your mind before the money comes in 

Not only that, 

  • You will also learn the problem-solving habits of successful people

  • How to channel your mind to think like a millionaire,

  • How to remove fear, doubt, and disbelief, 

  • How to sell with complete confidence

  • The right mindset to succeed in affiliate marketing 

  • How to increase your focus and productivity level

  • And many more

After this module, you find this module so valuable that you will come rant in the community like Bayo.


If you’re a newbie that is getting to hear about affiliate marketing for the first time, then you want to settle down and watch this so well.

And if you have been an affiliate marketer that’s making money already, 

I also want you to pay attention to this module because you get to understand some basic things all over again and in a new way.

Just like Sophia who was an affiliate marketer and still found the definition of affiliate marketing I gave very different.

And that’s not all, you will also be introduced to:

  • The Accelerator method for choosing the best affiliate networks.

This is a method invented by myself and it has worked for all my students.

If you follow this method solely, you won’t even register on a scammy affiliate network.

  • When choosing a product, what you should do.
  • Do’s and don’t of affiliate marketing
  • And many more


This is where a lot of affiliate marketers make big mistakes.

They just hump into promoting a product because someone said the product is a hot one.

No, it’s not done that way.

You need to conduct enough product research before you start promoting that product no matter how hot it is.

If not, it will be a total disaster.

And that’s why in this module, I will be showing you:

  • The money market, and the best niches to go for
  • What you should know before picking products
  • How to connect with product creators that need affiliates
  • Why do some products sell better than others?
  • And many more.

By the time you’re done with this module, you will be able to know the various things needed to pick a good product just like Amaka below:


We’re getting into the big boys’ way of affiliate marketing.

This is where the top affiliates make a lot of money because they understand what sales funnels are and the best one to use for your product.

So in this module, I went deep and showed you the secrets used by the top affiliates in creating their best-performing sales funnel, and here’s what Marcus has to say about that.

And not only that, but I will also show you:

  • How to set up your funnel for affiliate promotion 
  • How to link your Twitter/ Facebook and Instagram to your funnel
  • And many more.

And just like Micah said, the module is pure fire.


Remember I said we’re going the top guys way earlier?


This is a continuation of the big boys’ way in affiliate marketing.

And here’s a snippet of what I will be showing you in this module:

  • Domain and Web Hosting 
  • What to consider when choosing a platform to buy a domain and hosting from
  • How and where to buy your domain and hosting
  • How to set up a domain and hosting 
  • Design
  • How to come up with Landing page ideas
  • Factors to consider when designing the page your audience likes
  • How to Model Landing Pages that are already converting
  • Building 
  • How to build the Landing page without writing a single line of code. (You’ll also get my pro plugins for free)
  • Live walkthrough — (Watch me build a landing page from scratch to finish)
  • How to add more functionality to your website

If you want to hire someone to do this for you, they will charge you at least 100k but you will learn how to do it yourself easily.

Infact, a student of mine was paid N100,000 to create a landing page for a client.


This is where the main money is.

If you pick the greatest product, build the best sales funnel, and even have the most appealing website…

You won’t make a dime if you don’t push quality traffic to it.

That means that if a lot of people are not seeing it, you won’t make enough money.

And this is why this particular module is very important, here’s a snippet of what I have there:

  • The Accelerator method to understanding your customer 

You need to define your customer to know the right traffic for them.

  • How to know where to get your ideal customers 
  • Meaning of Boss traffic 
  • Best places to get Free traffic
  • Creating your lead magnet, different types of lead magnet.
  • Advert the angle for each lead magnet 

By the time you’re done with this module, you just need to implement and start getting results like Chetachi below


This is the secret sauce of the AMAP course.

A lot don’t even understand how to do this but this is what I and my students are using to rake in millions weekly.

See, I won’t say much about this so I won’t reveal our secret sauce.

But you will see the full sauce when you get the AMAP course but here’s a snippet of what to expect:

  • Understanding TikTok and how to build massive traffic from ticktock 
  • Introduction to tiktok
  • Finding a niche
  • Growing your audience
  • Content hack
  • Monetization technique
  • Channeling your TikTok lead to your WhatsApp 

Chinaza generated over 100 new leads from Tiktok just  by following everything I talked about in this module


Oh, I said Tiktok organic traffic is the secret sauce?

Here’s one more.

LinkedIn Traffic.

I got to realize that LinkedIn is not only used for professionals and the corporate world as we all thought.

It can be used to generate a lot of money for your affiliate marketing business too.

The question is how?

And I have the answer in this module, but here’s a snippet of what to expect:

  • How to generate leads from LinkedIn for your affiliate marketing business

  • The best LinkedIn Marketing Strategies to generate leads every month

  • How to create the right ideal buyer persona profile for your LinkedIn campaign

  • How to optimize your LinkedIn profile to hugely increase your visibility and generate leads.

  • How to find and connect with the right target audience on LinkedIn.

  • How to build a massive database of thousands of your ideal clients using LinkedIn

  • Access to amazing proven messaging templates

  • How to write compelling LinkedIn messages to get you the results you want

  • How to convert LinkedIn leads to real meetings and sales.

  • The most effective LinkedIn strategies for maximizing your efforts

  • How to easily send efficient cold emails to your LinkedIn connections


We all know WhatsApp is not a lead-generating website, so the question is how can you generate free and organic traffic on WhatsApp?

The answer is in this module.

  • I will show you how to leverage WhatsApp and get at least 100 leads daily for free on WhatsApp
  • I will also show you The leads multiplier effect that helps me get over 200 leads daily for free on WhatsApp.

Here’s what Victoria has to say about WhatsApp organic lead generation I thought in this module:


No, this is not Facebook advertisement.

This is you getting free traffic from Facebook.

You’re not paying a dime.

All you have to do is just follow everything I outlined in this module like:

  • Introduction – Facebook for business

  • Profile Optimization and Media management

  • Introduction to Personal Branding

  • Steps to building KLT

  • Content creation & Content marketing

  • How to build a magnetic Brand

  • Generating organic leads from Facebook

And implement them, that’s all.

The next is to start getting results like Chuks below who couldn’t believe what she saw:


And this is where the money-making aspect of WhatsApp comes in.

You have generated leads using the last module, now this module is to teach you how to turn the leads into money.

Here are some things you will see in this module:

  • WhatsApp automation

  • Dissecting WhatsApp status 

  • Content follow up

  • Authority positioning

  • How to follow up

  • Psychology of buyers, how to trigger it on WhatsApp from a newbie angle

  • Do’s and don’t on WhatsApp marketing, topics you shouldn’t put your mouth


This is the point where I show you how to run ads on Facebook and not get unnecessarily banned.

I will also be showing you:

  • How to create a high-quality Facebook page

  • How to create your business manager and ad account 

  • How to run high-converting Facebook ads

  • How to target quality audience 


This module is one of the most important modules of the AMAP.

Newbie and intermediate affiliates face a lot of troubles like:

  • How will I write my content?

  • How will I write my ad content too?

  • What will I post on my social media accounts?

  • How do I educate people on my WhatsApp status?

  • How do I write the copy on my landing page?

These questions and many more are answered in this module of the AMAP course.

I brought in an expert who taught these two topics and by the time you’re done…

You should never have any problem with writing your own content again.


This is where we get into the international space and be paid in dollars.

As at when I’m writing this letter to you…

$1 is N650 Naira and the best way is to earn in dollars.

Recession is looming all over the world.

The inflation rate is not slowing down anytime soon and it’s getting scary.

But the best way to easily win over this inflation and recession is by earning in dollars.

This is why I will be introducing you to Gumroad which is an international affiliate marketing platform.

But you can’t just go to Gumroad and you get affiliate deals, there are ways to grow about it.

This is why I will be showing you:

  • How to grow your Twitter in the international market 

  • How to get affiliate deals 

  • How to close sales in the DM


This is also another international affiliate network where you can earn in dollars.

At this point, I think nobody should rely on only Naira income and this is why I’m showing you how to earn in dollars and stay on top of inflation.

Here’s a snippet of what you will discover in this module:

  • How to Get Started 

  • How to Create an account

  • How to set up an account

  • Understanding the interface

  • Revealing Payment gateway

  • How to Research for the best Converting Products

  • How to apply and get approval for product

  • How to get Approved Products and Promote

  • How to promote with the Free method

  • How to Promote with the Paid  method


This is an affiliate platform where you also earn in dollars,

But the difference is that you’re not promoting products but services.

Ever heard of recurring commission?


This is where you easily refer someone to use a service once and they keep paying you a recurring commission.

You get to work once and make a lot of money continually.

Here’s a snippet of what to expect:

  • How to Get Started

  • How to Create an account

  • How to set up an account

  • Understanding the interface

  • Revealing Payment gateway

  • How to Research for the best Converting Products

  • How to apply and get approval for product

  • How to get Approved Products and Promote

  • How to promote with the Free method

  • How to Promote with the Paid  method

And at the end of this
AMAP course:

  • You will not only be good at making a disturbing sum of money weekly as an affiliate marketer….
  • But you will also have the confidence to close any type of money-making deal without ever doubting yourself.
  • You will never find it hard to generate organic traffic and make money from them.


You will also gain access to me, my top students, and my community.

Don’t forget you also have access to the AMAP community which is worth more than 100,000.

The amount of value those two lines you just read contain should be worth more than everything if you know… you know.

The AMAP barely has a particular monetary value.

  • And let’s not forget, I’m showing you the huge lessons I have learned from all my mentors for whom I paid a huge amount of money.

It is pure, undiluted drilling, not like your normal or usual affiliate marketing course.

If I say you should pay N300,000 Naira, it’s worth it and even more than that.

But you would not pay 300,000 Naira.

Don’t worry.

Not even half of it. (150,000 naira)

So back to the likely question running through your head right now:

How much is the AMAP course?

100,000 Naira + 300,000 Naira = 400,000 Naira.

That’s the total worth of everything you are getting when you get the AMAP course and community today.

But I am a Nigerian and I understand what Buhari has been doing to us.

Even though it’s justifiable, it will be inhumane of me to charge you 400,000 Naira for the AMAP course.

Heck, it will still be on the high side to charge what Amos said I should charge here.

But it will cost you just N30,000 to get the AMAP course today.

It is important to note, that this is a prerecorded course and that means when you get access now…

You will get direct access immediately to the course and the community.

But it’s also very necessary you know that I am someone that likes controlling demand and supply for my materials.

Because not everybody will make use of this AMAP which I don’t want.

So by the time I get to a specified number of purchases (which I won’t disclose), you will just see that this page isn’t available anymore.

And by the time I open the page again, the price won’t stay at 30,000 Naira again.

This is not a fake urgency, just the way I like getting control over my materials.

Why is it so cheap, you asked?

I won’t lie to you at this stage because I have two different reasons for making the AMAP course this cheap.

The first obvious reason is that:

I want to see you succeed, that’s the sole reason I created this system in the first place.

A lot of people came to me to show them the way and there’s no way I can do this other than giving them access to this AMAP course

I didn’t just release the AMAP  because it’s a fundamental system for me. It was borne out of necessity and passion.

But, I also have a second reason which is the personal one.

And without mincing words, it’s also a selfish reason.

You are selfish and I am selfish and that’s why this second reason is a selfish one for me.

I want you to go through this AMAP course Implement and make a disturbing sum of money that will make it easy for me to get your testimonials.


Yes, that’s it.


I want you to show me your testimonials so I can easily increase the price of the AMAP course.

If you implement everything in this course, I don’t think that should be a problem for you.

Even though everything in the AMAP course and community is enough for you to make 100k, 500k, A million Naira, and more monthly, I would still love to give you more things to make your work easy.

I want to give you 6 strong bonuses that are damn valuable.

Each bonus is worth nothing less than N50,000 and I want to give them for free.

Take them seriously and implement them too and your bank account will thank you.

That said, here goes:

Bonus 1


Firstly, you need to know that giving discounts every time isn’t an offer.

You need to learn the power of creating a highly irresistible offer for any product you’re promoting.

That way, you keep your whole commission and still make more sales than those that did discounts.

And this is why I’m including this bonus that will show you how I have been creating good offers without discounts.

Here are things you will learn in this bonus:

How to craft irresistible offers that can help you attract more sales as an affiliate

Offers can triple your sales as an affiliate

Inside the offer that made me 4.1 million in one day, how you can create similar offers for yourself 

And many more things.

This bonus is worth N75,000 alone but you’re getting it for FREE today if you get the AMAP course.

Bonus 2


  • A live case study of how I started from scratch, what I did at each point as an affiliate that increased my earnings from 10K ==> 100K per month ==> 1M per month ==> 10M per month and 20M per month

  • How you can replicate a funnel that can generate you 100M in 6 months or less, the maths and traffic involved

This bonus is worth N75,000 alone but you’re getting it for FREE today if you get the AMAP course.

Bonus 3


How to pull in massive cheques in affiliate marketing, how to become a big boy in affiliate marketing

You might be wondering how the top affiliate does it.

I will be showing you in this bonus section.

This bonus section is worth 100,000 Naira but you’re getting it for FREE immediately after you get the AMAP course.

And that’s not all, here are some extra bonuses too.


This is an extra bonus because it’s a whole class on its own.

  • It will teach you how to position yourself on Twitter and dominate Twitter.

  • You will see how to generate free traffic on Twitter and I will also be showing you how to turn those leads into money without paying to get them.

This extra bonus is something you should buy differently for at least N25,000 but I will be giving you for free today if you get the AMAP course.


Each of these live sessions is worth nothing less than N25,000 and this is because each of these top affiliates is a top expert.

They’re making a lot of money doing affiliate marketing and I will be bringing them on to teach you all they know.

See, I won’t say much here because there’s no word to qualify it.

But if you add each live class worth together, you will see that this class is worth at least N75,000.

And you are getting it for FREE immediately after you get the AMAP course.


This is also another masterclass from one of the top graphic designers.

  • He will be teaching you how to create appealing graphics for every product you want to promote.

If you’re paying 5k here and there for designers, it will leave you very broke in the long run and it will also eat into your profit as a beginner.

  • So this masterclass will teach you how to create designs for yourself.

Infact, immediately after the class, Chuks did this design herself and she had this to say:

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You can go back to your regular life doing what you want 

  • Keep looking for the online business to do when you have seen one here.
  • Keep complaining of SAPA here and there.
  • Keep asking them for money at home.
  • And you can keep trying to post on WhatsApp to get affiliate sales as an existing affiliate marketer.
  • Go under people’s tweets to post your affiliate links.
  • Keep running ads on Facebook and Mark banning you.
  • And you can even keep spamming WhatsApp groups where you will be removed easily.

It is fine.

  • But if you want to take charge of your life and start making a disturbing sum of money selling other people’s products.
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Then you know what to do, It is all up to you. 

Your destiny is literally in your hands;

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Please Note,

Be ready to be consistent.

You will be spoon-fed everything because it has been pre-recorded with guidance and an active community.

All you need to do is watch these videos and implement them and do the assignments.

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90 Days Conditional MOney Back Guarantee

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I stopped dealing with confused folks that don’t even know what they want for themselves.

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I have also had my fair share of rip-offs.

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Abutu who’s not even an affiliate marketer and made over 700k following my AMAP teachings.

And he’s not the only one, here is also Murtala who closed a UK client using what I taught in the AMAP course.

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